Ashuja'an Conference Ashuja'an Conference

Ashuja'an Conference

Ashuja'an Association Conference for Juvenile Diabetes is held on the International Diabetes’ Day each year, the month of November is diabetes awareness month. The international associations hold a conference for awareness of diabetes.

The date was selected by “The International Diabetes Union” and “The World’s Health Organization” to honor the Canadian doctor “Fredrick Banting”, and American biomedical scientist “Charles Best”, who co-discovered the insulin in 1921, which was a lifesaving treatment for diabetes.

Ashuja'an Association conference for Juvenile diabetes sheds light on different subjects and situations which diabetics face in their daily lives to raise the awareness level in the Arab society. Hence, the invitation to the conference is an open invitation for every individual who is interested in learning about diabetes in general, and especially about Ashuja'an Association itself.

The conference includes:

Personal experiences, presentations of the Ashuja'an’s (Type 1 diabetics) projects, reports on the concepts of diabetes in society, workshops and all about the Medical updates and rights for diabetics.

The goal of the project is to:

  • Raise the awareness level of diabetes in the Arab society.
  • Emphasize the fact that a diabetic person is fully capable of living his/her life and achieving his/her dreams without any restrictions.
  • Follow up medical research in the hope of finding a cure for diabetes