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About Us

Ashuja'an is a leading non-profit organization for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes (T1D) prevention in the Arab sector, serving more than 10,000 children and Adults in Arab communities in Israel, the West Bank, and beyond.

Diabetes is the most prevalent chronic disease amongst Arabs in Israel, and the "shame-mentality" that surrounds the disease and the disability in Arab society, discourages individuals and families from seeking treatment. As such, children are often left to live in the shadow of a disease that is debilitating and dangerous when left untreated.

More than delivering invaluable health services and knowledge, to help treat hundreds of juvenile diabetes patients, we seek to eradicate the stigma that prevents so many children and youths from effectively coping with the disease. Ashuja'an has answered this challenge with its "Secret Aid Formula", a system that incorporates educational community activities and a variety of innovative and approachable health monitoring measures that normalize diabetes in the patient's families and communities and ultimately help them step out from behind the cloak of shame associated with the disease.

Ashuja'an gives young diabetics, their families, and their communities the practical and live full, healthy lives back.